Wednesday, October 29, 2014

(DIT) Physical and logical access control for corporations; help improve security, increases organizational efficiency and cost savings!

After a rash of media reports exposing corporate vulnerability to information security threats, SMB's and ​large corporations are more diligent than ever in trying to pinpoint security system vulnerabilities that may compromise their confidential data. 

The introduction of high frequency DIT (Design For IT) Global contactless smart cards, at a price point that is comparable to proximity, has prompted large enterprises to employ the use of a single card for multiple applications. This improves security, increases organizational efficiency and cost savings.

Whether it’s basic IDs for contractors and visitors or more sophisticated cards for access to sensitive areas and networks, DIT Global smart cards support issuance from a single location such as company headquarters, or can be networked for providing access at different locations. Some applications these smarts cards are handling for large corporations include:

☆ Logical access
☆ Secure document printing☆ Regulatory compliance☆ Authentication☆ Project tracking system☆ Physical access control including use of biometrics

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

DFI Procedures, terms and conditions trading oil & gas related products like LPG, LNG, Crude Oil, D2 GOST 305-82, JetFuel JP54, etc...

We manage revenue within the petroleum and gas industry in cooperation with the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum companies like Rosneft. 

Our activities include managing trading and production and managing crude oil, gas and product marketing throughout the Middle East and other countries.

In order to act quickly and smoothly on requests for quotations of oil & gas related products like LPG, LNG, Crude Oil, D2 GOST 305-82, JetFuel JP54, etc...we would kindly like to ask everyone, who is looking to start business with us, to send us the following minimum information;

1. the Company details of the End User Client in question (privately owned or governmental company), 
- like Company name, 
- Contact person's name, 
- Company Registration Number, 
- Valued Added Tax (VAT) number, 
- Company address, 
- Phone number(s), 
- Website address, etc...together with... 

2. ...the Official Importing License (valid for the oil related product in question) and/or Past Performance (in terms of revenue of the oIl related product in question) from the Client in question. Furthermore we'll need to receive the name of... 

3....a Prime International Bank of the Buyer or... 

4....a Prime International Bank of the Seller in between in order to get a secure procedure in terms of... 

5. ...Bank Guarantee including MT760 (This is the SWIFT Message Type that Bank Guarantees are sent and received by inter-communicating banks. When sending a Bank Guarantee by SWIFT, the SWIFT Operator will enter the details on this Message Type relating to the specifics of the Guarantee. It is only Bank Guarantees that are sent with this Message Type 760.) or MT799 (This is the SWIFT Message Type that Bank Guarantees can communicate authenticated free format messages securely. Inter-communicating banks may use this Message Type on their SWIFT systems to communicate various types of messages and offer pre-advice of intended transactions. This Message Type is free format, allowing the Operator to type freely various different messages connected with MT700 communications, i.e. Documentary Credits and Guarantees.) together with a... 

6. ...Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC) way of payment (A Documentary Letter of Credit is a written obligation on the part of the bank to pay a specific amount subject to meeting of the conditions of the letter of credit stipulated by the buyer. With a DLC, the bank assumes an irrevocable obligation towards the seller on the basis of request by the buyer.) including... 

7. ...Due Dilligence during all procedures for both Seller and Buyer to check on the Contracts and Documents involved like LOI, SCO, FCO, ICPO, PPOP, IMFPA, etc....carried out by companies like SGS (

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

How can we have critical thinking without being able to quote and being able to compare what happened in the past?

"Television is dreadfully unrecorded and unquotable."

Brewster Kahle is an inventor, philanthropist and digital librarian. 

His Internet Archive offers 85 billion pieces of deep Web geology — a fascinating look at the formation of the Internet over the years, and a challenge to those who would keep knowledge buried.

Why you should listen

Brewster Kahle's stated goal is "Universal access to all knowledge," and his catalog of inventions and institutions created for this purpose read like a Web's Greatest Hits list. In 1982 he helped start Thinking Machines, a supercomputer company specializing in text searching, and would go on to invent the Internet's first publishing and distributed search system, WAIS, whose customers included the New York Times and the United States Senate.

But most notably, perhaps, Kahle is founder and director of the Internet Archive, a free service which steadfastly archives World Wide Web documents, even as they are plowed over by breakneck trends in commerce, culture and politics. (On his Wayback Machine, you can view pages as they appeared in web antiquity -- say, Yahoo! in 1996.) As a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, he works to keep such information free and reachable.

Kahle is a key supporter of the Open Content Alliance and has been elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He and his wife operate a nonprofit organization, the Kahle/Austin Foundation, which funds the Internet Archive.

What others say

“Brewster is one of those guys who has been successful in spite of the fact that he has never been after that kind of success. He's been pushing protocols for the benefit of humanity.” — Kip Parent, on